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    This post is part of a series reimplementing one of my past projects using technology available these days; for a general overview, please see the prologue. Continuing on from last time, the design of the system as a whole is, intentionally, pretty boring. I think boringness is underrated by developers as a whole; I actually want my projects — especially my work projects! — to be as boring as possible because it buys you predictability. … (read more)
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    Recently I’ve been thinking about how much easier it is to achieve quite complex things these days compared to back in The Olden Days. In fact, it almost feels like we suffer from a surfeit of mature, high quality pieces that we can use to build almost anything.1 There’s one project I worked on in the past — many years ago now — that I still think about from time to time; how would I accomplish those same tasks now, with everything that’s easily available to a professional today? … (read more)
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    It’s that time of year again... time to catch up on this year’s PyCon US talks. I’m planning to post and comment on some of the ones that made me think the most. To start, I really enjoyed Lennart Regebro’s “Prehistoric Patterns in Python”. Watch this video at YouTube. Even though I think most of these old patterns have largely gone away, sometimes the “Old Way” of doing things can resurface. … (read more)