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It’s that time of year again... time to catch up on this year’s PyCon US talks. I’m planning to post and comment on some of the ones that made me think the most. To start, I really enjoyed Lennart Regebro’s “Prehistoric Patterns in Python”.

Even though I think most of these old patterns have largely gone away, sometimes the “Old Way” of doing things can resurface. A few years ago I was talking with colleagues about nicer ways to accomplish some particularly hairy problem, and I posted some code off the top of my head to our chat. Without thinking twice about it I used the old-style form rather than the now-standard next(iterator) (standard since Python 2.6 in 2008!) and, yes, I got the appropriate amount of chiding over it. So I am big believer in the occasional check-in like Lennart’s talk, to help make sure that we’re going about things in the best way possible.