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series: Fridays Are For Learning

Fridays are for learning.1 These are some interesting links for the week ending June 15, 2018.

  • As you may have inferred from my comment last week, docker build has been the bane of my work with containers basically from the start. This week we saw a major movement toward improving the situation: experimental BuildKit support was added to the Docker builder. (You have to opt-in to use it, but we’re on our way now!)

  • John Resig and Loren Sands-Ramshaw introduce the GraphQL Guide, currently in beta.

  • Living APIs, and the case for GraphQL. GraphQL enforces a contract between consumers and providers, and provide insight into the actual usage of an API.

  • How chaos engineering can drive Kubernetes reliability.

  • Slides from Tammy Bütow’s talk on Linux chaos engineering. Chaos engineering isn’t just “let’s pull the plug and see what crashes”; the “engineering” part is adding some chaos in a controlled manner2 in order to observe the results.

  • Formally specifying UIs. Modeling UIs as finite state machines can help avoid the problem of missing certain UI transitions because no one thought of them, but they can become unwieldy very quickly. There is a new service,, aimed at making these state machines easier to design and consider.

  • What co-located teams can learn from remote teams. Remote-first best practices — including shifting from a spoken to a written culture, having empathy for each other’s needs, and making concerted efforts to stay connected to each other — are actually good for all teams, remote or not.

  1. If your work won’t let you spend even 10-20% of your time keeping up to date with your profession, quit your job and find a better one!

  2. If that’s contradictory, blame me, not the speaker.