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series: Fridays Are For Learning

Fridays are for learning.1 These are some interesting links for the week ending June 29, 2018.

  • This week’s big news (for me anyway): Python 3.7 is out!

  • Cool new features in Python 3.7. My favorites are from __future__ import annotations to enable lazy parsing of type annotations, importlib.resources to replace simple usages of the much-heavier pkg_resources, and making ordered dictionaries a requirement of the language instead of just an implementation detail. Great stuff!

  • How not to structure your database-backed web applications. An empirical study of performance issues in web apps in the wild.

  • Kubernetes 1.11! Really excited to see CoreDNS promoted to replace kube-dns, as well as beta support for dynamic kubelet configuration.

  • The Right Way™ to do serverless in Python. I love these opinionated guides because even when I disagree with them I find them useful in challenging my own thinking.

  1. If your work won’t let you spend even 10-20% of your time keeping up to date with your profession, quit your job and find a better one!