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    Jake VanderPlas’s keynote for PyCon US 2017 was about “The Unexpected Effectiveness of Python in Science”: Watch this video at YouTube. The main thrust of Jake’s talk was about how astronomers have been able to use Python and the culture of the community around the language to do better science, including being able to provide other scientists access to the software used to perform experiments and analyze and manage data. … (read more)
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    It’s that time of year again... time to catch up on this year’s PyCon US talks. I’m planning to post and comment on some of the ones that made me think the most. To start, I really enjoyed Lennart Regebro’s “Prehistoric Patterns in Python”. Watch this video at YouTube. Even though I think most of these old patterns have largely gone away, sometimes the “Old Way” of doing things can resurface. … (read more)