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    Fridays are for learning. These are some interesting links for the week ending August 10, 2018. You can’t debug systems with dashboards. Dashboards (by design) can only display aggregate data, but your users don’t care about aggregates — they care only whether their requests succeed or fail. You can be 100% up for virtually all your users, but 100% down for your most important user and your dashboard will likely still be green. … (read more)
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    A quick update for this week; I’ve been collecting lots of things under my personal for:blog tag, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to sort through and post any recently! Last week Segment published a retrospective on their journey from a monolith to a system based on (literally hundreds of) microservices and then back, and it reminded me of this talk from Jimmy Bogard in 2017. Enjoy! … (read more)
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    This post is part of a series reimplementing one of my past projects using technology available these days; for a general overview, please see the prologue. Continuing on from last time, the design of the system as a whole is, intentionally, pretty boring. I think boringness is underrated by developers as a whole; I actually want my projects — especially my work projects! — to be as boring as possible because it buys you predictability. … (read more)