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    Fridays are for learning. These are some interesting links for the week ending August 3, 2018. On serverless testing in production: it’s not that you shouldn’t be doing testing before releasing to production, it’s that you should also be doing some kind of testing in production as well. Production is where reality hits your systems; it’s the only place you will be able to find real-world conditions. Feature flags, canary deployments, staged rollouts, rich instrumentation, and observability-first development are all useful here. … (read more)
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    Fridays are for learning.1 These are some interesting links for the week ending June 22, 2018. Joe Duffy says “Hello, Pulumi!” Pulumi is a new service to configure cloud services/IaaS programmatically using JS/TypeScript/Go/Python. Modern deployment systems now mean diving into piles and piles of YAML, compounded by the piles of additional YAML you need to configure that YAML for tools like Helm. So in a general sense I agree that higher-level tools would be useful. … (read more)