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    Fridays are for learning. A new year means the return of my aggressively non-search-engine-optimized posts on interesting things I’ve seen in the past week. This week everyone is still recovering from the end of year period — nothing kills a work week like a Tuesday holiday — so I’m just giving you a quick video: Julia Evans from Stripe talking about high reliability infrastructure migrations at KubeCon North America 2018. It’s ostensibly Kubernetes-focused but I find a lot applicable to distributed systems in general, and let’s face it, we are all building distributed systems of one kind or another these days. … (read more)
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    Fridays are for learning. These are some interesting links for the week ending August 3, 2018. On serverless testing in production: it’s not that you shouldn’t be doing testing before releasing to production, it’s that you should also be doing some kind of testing in production as well. Production is where reality hits your systems; it’s the only place you will be able to find real-world conditions. Feature flags, canary deployments, staged rollouts, rich instrumentation, and observability-first development are all useful here. … (read more)
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    A quick update for this week; I’ve been collecting lots of things under my personal for:blog tag, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to sort through and post any recently! Last week Segment published a retrospective on their journey from a monolith to a system based on (literally hundreds of) microservices and then back, and it reminded me of this talk from Jimmy Bogard in 2017. Enjoy! … (read more)